Political Relations

  • Diplomatic Relations

    • Mongolia established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Bangladesh on 26 March 1972 and Mongolia was one of the first five countries to recognize the independence of Bangladesh.

      The ambassadors of Mongolia and Bangaldesh in India are concurrent ambassador to each other’s countries.

      Ambassador Gonchig Ganbold presented his credentials to the President of Bangladesh on 27 June 2016.

      Ambassador Fazlul Karim presented his credentials to the President of Mongolia on 22 June 2015.

  • Status of Relationship

    • “Friendly Cooperation”

  • Major Reciprocal Visits

    • From Mongolia:

      Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs D.Erdembileg, 1974

      A delegation of the State Great Khural (Parliament), 1981

      From Bangladesh:

      Prime Minister Shekh Hasina attended the 11th ASEM Summit held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 2016.

Trade and Economic Relations

  • Trade Relations

    • USD6.0 million ( as of 2016)

      No export to Bangladesh

      Import USD6.0 million (knitwear, ready-made garments, shoes)

  • Loan and assistance

    • Mongolia, in response to a request from Bangladesh, provided 10 thousand meters of fabric during the 1974 flood disaster.

Other Relations

  • Defense Relations

    • Mongolian servicemen took part in the “Shanti Doot-02” international military exercise jointly organized by the Chief of Staff of Bangladesh Army and the US Pacific Command

  • Cultural Relations

    • Ambassador G.Ganbold contributed an article on the 11th ASEM Summit to Bangaladeh press in 2016.

  • People-to-People Exchange

    • Nationals of both countries require entry visa for all types of passports.

      Mongolia’s Honorary Consul Mrs. Nasreen Fatema Aval is based in Dhaka.

  • Intergovernmental Agreements

    • Type

      Name of agreement

      Agreement concluded


      Agreement on Cultural Cooperation between Mongolia and Bangladesh

      24 April 1974 Dhaka


      Cultural cooperation Programme Between Mongolia and Bangladesh for the Period 1988-1989

      2 September 1988 Ulaanbaatar