Political Relations

  • Diplomatic Relations

    • - Mongolia and Sri Lanka established diplomatic relations on 1 February 1962.

      - Both countries have concurrent ambassadors.

  • Status of Relationship

    • “Friendly Cooperation”

  • Major Mutual Visits

    • - Vice Foreign Ministers of Mongolia visited Sri Lanka in 1974 and 1986 respectively

  • Mechanisms of Bilateral Relations

    • - Sri Lanka-Mongolia Friendship Society was established in Colombo in 1978.

Trade and Economic Relations

  • Trade Relations

    • Export USD2 thousand, 2016

      Import USD1.2 million, 2016

      Mongolia has been primarily exporting to India dehaired cashmere and raw sheep wool, has been importing from India rice, sugar, cotton and synthetic fabrics, medicine and pharmaceutical products, vaccines, and trucks.

  • Loan and Assistance

    • - The Red Cross Society of Mongolia 1958 extended an assistance of 40 thousand tugrig (old exchange rate) to Ceylon (former name of Sri Lanka) during the flood disaster.

      - The Government of MOngoila extended a USD10,000 aid gratis during the tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka in December 2004.

Humanitarian Relations

  • Cultural Relations

    • - Singers of the Folk Song and Dance Company gave a performance tour in Sri Lanaka in 1979.

      - Mongolia and Sri Lanka signed an Agreement on Cultural Cooperation in 1981.

  • Other Relations

    • - State and government leaders of the two countries have been exchanging messages of greetings during the National Days of Mongolia and Sri Lanka.

  • Intergovernmental Agreements

    • Type

      Name of agreement

      Agreement concluded

      Non-visa travel

      Agreement between the Governments of Mongolia and Sri Lanka on Cultural Cooperation

      Colombo, 4 December 1981